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It's a Sunday night, I wake for work in about 8 hours, and my entire weekend was pissed away due to this amazing pain that I had up and down my left side... After a visit to my family doctor, which led to a visit to the local ER, which led to 4 hours of wearing a gown with my ass hanging out of the back of it while cruising through almost 2 IV bags of tasty saline solution and encountering more pain every time my wife and I would laugh about something ridiculous (which, trust me, happens alot if you're married to me...) the verdict was clear; my childhood has officially ended, I have kidney stones...

Kidney Stones!?! I can't have kidney stones, I'm nine years old (mentally, anyway...)! So the rest of my weekend was spent drinking so much til I almost vomit (The only difference between this weekend and any other was that no alcohol was ingested in this near vomituous celebration of my failing organs).

So after missing my work sponsored holiday party while spending the night watching nothing of any consequence, I find myself even further away from finding the holiday spirit that was already doing quite a good job of eluding me this year... Don't get me wrong, I have much to be thankful for and happy about. Trust me, I've had a good year. There's just something missing from the holiday season that was always there when we were kids. I want that back....

And on that note, to one and all, I wish you the best of holiday wishes, regardless of whichever holidays you may or may not celebrate. May you all spend fruitful hours with the ones you love, and think fondly of the ones you may not be able to spend time with.

As always, I remain,
Naked Derby
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theFranchize Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2008
dude! u really gotta update this thing!
Chronoline Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
my mom once had kidney stones....i'm imagining an ass hanging out of those gowns
nakedDerby Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Yup, definitely my favorite part of being in the emergency room.... Hopital couture....
Chronoline Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
love the signature!!! :giggle:
theinkhead Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2005
Damn brother ... sorry to hear it, sorry I missed it ... lord knows I would have came to the horpital to make fun of you.
Sadiya Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2005
:petting: sorry to hear you had a sucky weekend :( hope u feel better soon
sadeejade Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2005
Truely sorryabout your pains this weekend...hope all gets well very soon...just wanted to say, I understand the lack of holiday cheer...keep thinking it'll pass the closer Christmas gets and it has gotten a little better but still missing something/someone maybe...dunno, but happy holidays to you as well and congradulations on your first journal...kinda a nice place to pour everything out...
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Submitted on
December 18, 2005